1 image, 8 links: best way to do

I have a client who has an image divided up into 8 sections. What she wants is when a person clicks on a specific section of the image to then be taken further down the webpage where there’s detailed content about that section. I know I’ve done this before, but not for the past 10 years.

Are there any stacks out there for this? Or some other approach where I can designate parts of one image to be a link? The anchored part of the page where I want the link to go to is easy enough to do.

Stacks4stacks Hotspots or Hotspots Pro?

Also Weaver Space Points

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@pmjd Paul: Thanks so much! I have Hotspots Pro but had completely forgotten all about it! This should do the trick perfectly with a bit of elbow grease: 8 hotspots to implement in this case.