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I’ve been off the forums for a while.
RW has been serving our furniture business web presence well over the Covid phase and I’ve not had need to pick anyones brains.

But for 2022 I’m in the process of some serious website ‘upgrades’ for our business adding new products and trying to make the site stand out from the competition.

I’ve just received an email from One Little Designer about their ‘Configure’ stacks.
Looks interesting. I was thinking of purchasing them with a view to adding functionality to our site so the user can do some simple configuration (change the colour of a sofa fabric, choose a different wood finish etc).
Does anyone have experience of using the Configure stacks? Any thoughts?
What are the alternatives?
I’m using the original JW Foundation environment.



As the stack was only announced yesterday, I don’t expect anyone will have any real experience of using it.

It does look interesting and AFAIK there is no RW stack available that does what the new Configure stack does.

Based on a quick look, my question would be, that in a shop site, there would need to be an interface to a full buying system. E.G. once you configure your Tesla (colours, wheels, etc) that you would then need some way of passing that information to Elon, calculate the price and pay him, so that he can build and deliver what you created on the screen.

For the BG pattern example it looks a great way to show visual examples.

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Thanks Webdeesign

I didn’t realise it was quite so ‘hot of the press’.
1LD should have thrown an early bird promo offer and I would have likely gone for it.

Our shop site doesn’t have online purchasing.
It has example pricing and options. It’s more of a catalogue.
But there is some complexity.
For example on this page you can flick through shade umbrella fabric colours (towards the bottom).


This was originally done using a pair of JW’s Moving Box stacks.
And it still works fine but I was thinking maybe ‘Configure’ could do this more elegantly and with greater options.

There is a discount code in the 1LD news letter for 30% off.

The stacks look very interesting, though even better if they could have products/items managed externally by an end user. Doesn’t look like it can be but would be great if it could.

In that case Configure could be ideal and would look more slick than the current solution.


F. knows how I missed that - plain as day, till the 14th Jan.
Thanks for the heads up.