1ld Cycledex stack


Has anyone used the 1ld cycledex stack? Its very cool.
I have added it twice to this page and added links to each. But the links are not working… I wonder if anyone can help before my cleint clicks them ! Ive emailed 1ld but im in a big rush!

in addition to adding a link in the stack set up I just tried adding links to image and header of one of the images … published … no link … my cursor does not change to link look ! Im linking to other pages within the site …so have selected page … I’ll try linking to thge actual published url.

It is an amazing stack and I have it in use. not sure how you could have links not working as it is really straight forward by clicking on one of the child items of the stack and adding the link in the preferences panel for the stack. All I can think of is that you have inside some other element/stack that is covering it up with z-axis, looking at your page it doesn’t look as though that may be the case or it is a case that your links aren’t valid/assigned. Are you able to add a screenshot of your preferences panel for the child item where you add the link?

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I’m not familiar with the stack itself, but looking at the source code, the link doesn’t seem to be attached to the visible text:
Capto_Capture 2023-05-02_07-36-02_am

Instead, the link is attached to the background image of the card. But that image is covered (on the Z-axis) by the text.

Check if there’s some way to make the “more” text clickable from within the stack (instead of the image).

If not, try to replace “more” with <a href="happy/clients.php" title="TESTIMONIALS" tabindex="0">more</a>in the stack.


Im using Foundry to make the site. I wonder if there is a conflict?

Thanks Erwin. I tried that and no luck. No link within the stack will work no matter how I create it.

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Ive figured it out!

The cycledex container stack needs to have “Radial item arrangement” box checked!
see attac


Thank you everyone


Excellent, glad that’s resolved for you

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