1LD Facebook Connect and Safari

I don’t know exactly when nor why @1LD 's Facebook Connect 2.0.2 stopped working on Safari. It’s fine on Firefox and Chrome.

Does anyone else experience the same issue?

What type of behaviour do you see?

Is it completely non responsive? Does an error message appear?

I’m not familiar with that specific stack; does it try to open a window? (in which case: Safari blocks opening of windows or tabs by webpages, so that could explain the behaviour).

No, it just does not show up on the page. There’s no popup at all. In Chrome and Firefox everything works as expected.

Thanks anyway ;-) It’s for a client who wants to show up their Facebook page.

Isn’t it because Safari has improved tracker blocking above Chrome?

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Yes, of course this was it 🙈. Thanks for reminding me ;-)