2 way filter stack?

Looking for a two way filter stack that can do something like the screenshot below. I have the Yabdab and Barz filter stacks, but if they can do it, I haven’t figured it out.

@dave Hmm…, maybe this one? https://stacks4stacks.com/filter/

Thanks, Matthias. I’m afraid it’s going to be too confusing for visitors to the site. You can see a quick mockup of it here: https://up.incredulation.com. Plus, as you can see, the embedded content is not doing well at all. The boxes are way too squished (I have them set twice as wide, but that didn’t help…the content still didn’t format correctly).

Hm, then maybe this one: https://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver-stack/filter-grid/ ?


I will make sure that in the next major version of Poster Stack, such 2 level filtering will be possible.


Total CMS allows you to filter by both category, tags, author or any combination in between.

Thanks, @joeworkman - I’m certainly open to adding TCMS to the site, if it’ll get the job done. Are there any demos or a live site you can point me to showing how it works?

I think my solution will work. I’m using Yabdab’s filter. None of the available stacks seem capable of handling two levels of filtering - with both levels deploying buttons. https://up.incredulation.com

I’ve put a sticky menu on the page, but if he decides he really wants one that looks like the screenshot below, which one would you use (or any of them)? I know I can build it quickly and easily using a grid or column, but he might want the Unique Properties header to dropdown. Thoughts?

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