360 degrees

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a Stack which enables me to put a picture on a page which I can grab with the mouse and turn it upside down in all directions. I have the 360 Degrees-Stack from Joe, but this rotates only horizontal.
I hope someone knows a solution for this.


Maybe Quickfip from Joe Workman will do what you want?

It had some pretty cool effect updates not too long ago.

Hi Ruyton,

it’s not quite what I’m looking for. You have a front- and a backside and you click it to turn.
I need to grab it with the mouse and turn it around. 360º vertical and horizontal.

Hi Thomas,

It seems you are looking for a way to show something in full 360° 3D. What file format are you going to use for the content?

Are you after something like this: https://sketchfab.com

There is certainly no stack that will do this and @Ruyton’s idea is probably the only alternative to Joe’s stack.

Hi Geoff,
yes, that’s it. Sad, that there is no Stack doing this. I think I’ll take the 360º Stack from Joe.
This is doing the job nearest to what I want. I’ll do that with *.png

Thanks anyway

I have it. :-)