4 Column Stack Mystery Problem

Hi All,

I’ve been using a 3 column stack each with a photo and text that link to different pages. Never had a problem. I’m now trying to use a 4 column stack to do the same thing. I set it up exactly as before in edit mode, (See attachment), but when I switch to view mode, it make 4 huge boxes stacked vertically. (See 2nd attachment) The answer must be simple, but I cannot figure it out. Can any of you way smarter than me kind folks figure it out?

Thanks a lot! Josh

My guess is you changed the breakpoints for the three col, but didn’t do it for the four?

Hi Steve, Sorry, but I don’t even know what “breakpoints” are. Can you explain, or send a screenshot to illustrate? Thank you!

Better if you can fire up some screenshots of the setings for the two stacks in question.

Here are two screenshots. Just mucking around, I changed the Fill Mode setting from "“Fill” to “Fixed Size” and then back to “Fill” again, and for some reason, it seems to be working properly now. I don’t know if that was relevant or not, but any explanation about breakpoints or settings would be helpful. I’m always ready to learn something new. I had never used a 4 column stack before. Thanks a lot.

What theme?

It’s Glide.

I don’t have that, so can’t help much further I’m afraid.

I’ve added the 4 col stack to a page and it’s working as expected, so thinking it’s a theme issue. Find someone with that theme and ask them to test.

Edit: Glide by @willwood ? In which case, unlikely the theme. Tagged him anyway, in case he can help.

Thank you, Steve, I appreciate it.