50% off everything sale now live

It’s that time of year again, when our 50% off everything SALE is live and will continue until the end of November. I.e. for the next 15 days!

All SOURCE, Foundry & Foundation Projects - all 22 of them, Templates, and Stacks.

Get it while it’s HOT.


When must I write the code?
In the payment pop up window it looks like I must hit the pay now button without seeing a field for the discount code.

The 50% discount is applied within the Paddle payment system when you enter the code paddy.

Lots of others have done this successfully in this sale, using the code paddy, so there should be a discount code box to enter the word paddy. Either you have missed it or not reached it yet.


Ok I found it
Before clicking on card payment, we have to click on this link (see picture), the link opens the field.
Bought Projects 21 and 22

Great, glad you found it. I wish Paddle would make this easier, but it is what it is.


Not aimed at you in particular, but I don’t understand why voucher codes are used in this way. In the sense of the “rules” of retail, using codes to offer a blanket discount on a product or range of products, should really only be used if you are not allowed to advertise a discounted price to the RRP (a grey area of RPM).

Voucher codes for discounts first became popular about 10-15 years ago, the idea was to give select people the codes, which were typically timed, to offer loyalty and encourage a purchase within a given timeframe. Then, people like me started to use them as a way to get around RPM, which was rift in the bike trade back then. And to a lesser degree still is.

If though you are not tied to an RRP and the discount is available to everyone, it’s better to just change the listing with a “was” and “now” price, opposed to making people have to do something to get the discount.

It’s weird: It used to be we only used vouchers for general discounts because we had to. But now, it seems they are the preferred way to apply a blanket discount, with the result you are putting a barrier up to a sale and for the vast majority “hiding” the discounted price from them, so potentially losing lots of impulse sales.

I do a bit of retail consulting from time to time and often see something similar when a shop has a rail of clothes advertised at “half marked Price”. The people in the shop think this is great: They know that rail is half marked price and assume everyone looking at it does too. But they forget the simple fact that 90% of people don’t read signs (or popups), they just look at the price, and if it says £20, it’s £20, even though with the sale on, it’s actually only a tenner.

I always tell them: Take down the sign, cross out the old price on each item and stick on a new tag with the cheaper price. 9/10 though I get back “but that will take too long”. And they then wonder why they can’t shift the sale rail.

As I say, not aimed at you Mr. Webdeer, almost all the devs do it this way. It’s just a really odd way to do things and almost certainly is losing you sales.

It is very simple and nothing to do with any marketing strategy. Paddle demands that you use vouchers to obtain a blanket discount. My only alternative is to edit every single product within the Paddle system and also in my website and then restore them at the end of the sale.

In my case that is 22 Projects, 6 Templates and 1 stacks group, so that’s 58 edits to setup the sale and then 58 edits to end the sale.

My biggest problem though is having to restock Source Projects, as they are flying off the shelves faster than I can replenish them. Even my Brexit stockpile has run out.


Surely Paddle has super simple processes in place for this though? Every serious ecommerce platform I work with, and even most of shitty ones now have simple “click to put into sale” options.

But anyway, just an opinion, if it were me, I’d just put the time into changing those prices. Then you’d be so busy you wouldn’t even have time to post on forums about how busy you are ;-)

Nope. I wish they did and intend to badger them.

You could use the promo code in the url, paddle support that. Then it’s auto applied, you just need to adjust the url on the marketing page.

That’s what I do.

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I didn’t know that. I would need to edit all Buy links but that is to too bad although my Buy buttons would also need to reflect the temporary price change and then revert to normal pricing. You have given me some food for thought, though. Thanks.