8.4. Do I need it?

I understand that 8.4 is purely a Catalan update, and I’ve no plans to move to Catalan any time soon.

So, any other compelling reason to jump to 8.4?

Don’t think it is purely for Catalina but that is the main focus. Certainly no new features. Release notes…

RapidWeaver 8 8.4.1 (20817)

  • Added a check to make sure plugins have been code signed as required by macOS 10.15
  • Fixed a crash when adding a resource to a project

RapidWeaver 8 8.4 (20812)

This is an essential update for all RapidWeaver users, especially those running macOS Catalina.

  • Fixed a crash when right clicking a link in Styled Text on Catalina
  • Fixed some thread issues in Catalina
  • HTML page no longer looses “show in navigation” setting when migrating from RW7 to RW8
  • Fixed an issue with AmazonS3 showing access denied on some files
  • Various other fixes and improvements to keep RapidWeaver running smoothly
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I see none of those listed issues, but i do get plenty of others. Although I think most are S4, not RW related, per se.

One big issue for me, which I know others experience and I think is S4, and it’s a problem that often results is loss of work, is the crashing on undo issue. I don’t think this is hugely widespread, but I see it on three machine with different OS’s: If you click undo more than once, sometimes, in fact most of the time, RW crashes. I know the obvious workaround is to save before using undo, but in the workflow it’s easy to forget.

Anyone know if this is fixed with 8.4?

I’m on 8.4.1 since its release and can confirm that the crashing on undo issue is still there… :-/

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Balls. Thanks.

My understanding is that the crashing caused by repeated use of undo was a Stacks issue. This issue has been around for a long time and I was convinced it was fixed with the last update to Stacks, right up to the point where RW7 crashed after a couple of undos. It is improved but not completely fixed.