A big thank you to Stuart of Source

Thanks to Stuart of Source fame , for nudging this old man out of my old habits into the new Source frame work. I can’t say it was easy , but using a project some one asked me to make in this style, I got there eventually . Although to be fair I fell at the last hurdle and resorted to a cheeky cheat.
So thank you for your emails Stuart and on a Sunday too, much appreciated and really not expected :).
I can see a big future for Source tbh . I threw all sorts at it this week end and it didn’t groan once nor could I slow it down - no matter what I did to it. It will be interesting when I go back to my own site and sit there waiting for the preview.
I’ll put a link for Sources sake, as Im a very small fish in the RW 4 All brain pond.


That loves great on an iPhone 8.

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You may want to name the folders for the recruitment and news pages to be more descriptive. It will help SEO, and it will help anyone who bookmarks your pages.

Recruitment: change folder from “page-4” to “recruitment”

News: change folder from “page-6” to “news”

This is done in the first tab of the page inspector (General Settings) under the Meta Data section.

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Thanks - this is a demo version of the site , all folders , page names meta tags in pics etc will be sorted, actually its just been confirmed the site will be used , which is nice. :)
I use JW’s SEO helper on top of everything else to produce the structured data. Plus there will be embedded FAQs in the header , that’s been very successful lately on Google rankings.
Thanks for your input - Leigh