A challenge for this Mourning Monday - Build a Monopoly board using Stacks

Here’s a cool challenge if you are looking for something to do today. Using Stacks, built a responsive Monopoly board like the one below, in as few stacks as possible.


HINT: Use Source


Here’s a Stacks recreation using 2 stacks - GridPlusPro and Coder in Source. Equally, GridPlus and Paragraph or Markdown could have been used. In fact the whole thing could have been built with just Coders but that would defteat the purpose of using Stacks which can be a quick layout prototyping tool.

I used Jen’s rotate transforms for the rotated text and side colours but could have used flex aligned Coders for the colours with rotated text.


If there is enough interest I will create a Tutorial.


Yes, yes, please :-) Incredible even :-)

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I finally found the time to create a new tutorial on this type of layout at No 6 Source demo - Building a Monopoly board type layout


That is nice, thank you.