A different topic: NAS for backups with Ethernet? Which one?

Hi, my beloved Drobo has failed me and I need a replacement. RAID system to make sure if a drive fails I can replace it. TimeMachine and Windows compatibility. Does not need to be fast. BackUp only, no other purposes.

Any recommendations?

Thank you very much!

I am using two excellent Thunderbolt-3 RAIDs from AKITIO (also sold in the USA under the OWC brand). One of them works for me with Time Machine. I do not use Windows (never have and never will), but I am sure my RAID works with Windows as well. It should be just a matter of different formatting.

Each of these two RAID systems have double Thunderbolt-3 ports, double USB-3.1 ports and a SD memory-card slot.

Sorry to hear that. My Drobo 5D is probably 8 years old now. Still working fine, but I know one day that will come to an end. I have the same question as you. I read reviews on Western Digital and others, and no brand seems to be totally reliable. I would get another Drobo but they are struggling with inventory due to microchip scarcity as well. Many are not compatible with newer MacOS (still on Big Sur). Was at BestBuy today just peeking at a Western Digital 16 tb NAS. Catalina was the last supported MacOS version. Drivers for new MacOS updates have been the biggest issues with poor satisfaction. May my Drobo live on for another decade!

Hi, I got the Drobo running again with some help of the Drobo support (they did answer quite fast). I just love the look and feel od the Drobo and do not need the Bells and Whistles of the other Brands. After some research I would go for a Synology 420+ or a QNAD if I need a new system - if Drobo can still not deliver.

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