A funny email just in. Funny, given recent events (subscription based payments etc.)

Just had this in from The Daily Mash. The last few bits, about their subscription model, made me laugh. Figured it (slightly) relevant here, given the views on subscription models in general! (Disclaimer: I may have edited it eversoslightly).

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Yes, you have to enter all your payment details. Yes, there’s a slim chance you’ll forget you subscribed and end up paying us £2. Come on. In 2022 everything’s a subscription. At least it’s not for something weird like shaving equipment or socks or a web design app.

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The Daily Mash


I must say, SaaS (shaving as a service) is one of the weirdest examples of a subscription model I’ve ever seen. And they do make lots of money, seeing as Manscape sponsor pretty much every YouTube channel I subscribe to occasionally.

Having said that though, I do get subs as a means of income for companies. A steady, monthly, flow of cash coming your way being the prime one. Personally I use as little of these types of service as possible, save for a few streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max.

At least it’s not as bad as the “Build a 1:16 scale model of James Bond’s Aston Martin in just 2.341 easy to collect weekly issued bits!” that end up costing you over 2 grand for a scale model of a car.