A handy graphic for the commercial "designers" out there

If, like me, you make websites for a living, and if, like me, you are getting inundated with people sending you emails along the lines “Can you send me a price on a website” I’ve made this handy graphic that you can send them back, instead of wasting your time writing out a proper reply.

Cus let’s face it, we all know these are just bored dreamers sitting at home with feck all else to do and no intention of spending proper money on a website.

(BTW: It’s a price, on a website.)


Uh. For £18.99, could you please redo my website?



It’s a price. On a website.

Am I the only one that gets it?

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Thought you know me a bit now…


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I forget. You’re one of those weird Germans. With a sense of humour.



Love it @steveb ! It’s nice to give them a taste of the own medicine, lol

haha! that’s good

Just seen this 😂🤣


PS Did you make the nice German Designer Kitchen site with #Source ? 'Tis a beauty!

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Kitchen is for Foundry.

But it here: https://www.templaterepo.com/