A help for Scribe and Paragraph pro

Hi everyone, I use a lot of Header pro, Paragraph pro and the magical Scribe.
I would like to ask, why can’t I find it, if in Scribe or Paragraph pro there is the option (as in Header pro) Text Background.
I would like to highlight the background of a paragraph in yellow, only where the text arrives, but I do not find a way to do it, in fact I had to use Header pro with H6-Tiny and to create the text background I enabled text background.
How can I replicate it in a normal paragraph in Scribe and also in Paragraph pro?
If there is no option, how can I replicate it in Scribe?
Thanks for the replies.

If you want to do it with Paragraph text then you can just give the stack a custom class of for example bg-col in the settings and then add a couple of lines of CSS

	background: red;

If you want to do it with a certain paragraph within Scribe then you would need to add the class directly to that paragraph tag by writing the HTML manually for that part rather than using mark-down. Given you are only likely to want this in isolation I would do it using a Paragraph stack instead.

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Perfect, I understand. Thank you very much