A really nice solution for a location dependant content display, erm, thing

OK, shocking title, but the idea here is good, and it works really well.

Let’s say you want to show your users a map with pins in it. Then, they can click a map to see information about the area the pin is dropped on. Makes sense?

With some help from other forum users I’ve just made such a thing using @Jannis OpenStreetMap stack and Poster stack.

Demo: https://www.guidebookspain.com/info/

It’s a map of the costa regions of Spain. Click a pin and you see the name of the region. Click the name and the page refreshes with details about the region now below the map.

You can then go directly to the next region info by clicking the “next region” like below the content, or just click another pin in the map.

It came about as a possible solution to another problem, but it works really well, so figured it’s worth a share. If anyone wants it, I’ll strip it back and zip it up. Jannis has worked hard to help me get it working, so if you like it, go buy his stacks ;-)


Just occurred to me what this would be really good for: Store or office finder for businesses with more than one location.


Worked out great in the end. It does work well.

Nicely done!
There is also this one locator

Yees, please, Steve - can I have it? Customer is managing conference places in Tuscany at different villages… could work …

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Here is the stack if you don’t have it already: https://instacks.com/osmstack/

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Danke Jannis, bought all of your stacks already … am happy with the osm stack! Thanks


Thats what I want to hear 😅

Thanks a lot for your support! I appreciate.


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@robertreinink I had no idea that stack existed. It would be an instant purchase for me for other things I’m working on, but it needs a Google API and I’m not going near that with a bargepole.

Not a reflection on Will, but on Google.

@Capetom I’ll strip it down tonight to a simple project and fire up a link.

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Poster OSM…


Download link will expire in three days, so get it now. I’ll maybe dress it up a bit and add it to Template Repo at some point.

New version added to the download link, with two layout options. Page two is rather nice :-)

(Project uses Instacks Blank theme, but should work with any.)


Many thanks for sharing this. I was a bit disappointed to discover it wasn’t about where to buy coffee.😊

(If you’re not familiar, Costa is a ubiquitous chain of coffee shops in the U.K.)

Good god no. I’d never be involved with anything that promoted such terrible coffee.


Oh I missed this. Possibly I can have the file also?