A small holiday gift

It looks like it’s becoming a tradition this time of the year for me to release a small gift to show my gratitude to the RapidWeaver community.

After the XmasLights Stackin 2012, the Blink! and Marquee! Stacks in 2015, the Antiquify Stack in 2016 and the Nebula Stack and Shards Stack in 2017, I present an unusual way to show (or better: to close) a popup this year:

ShatteringPopup Stack

The ShatteringPopup Stack shows a popup on opening a page that will be ‘shattered’ when it is closed. This is a nice way to draw attention — and not only for a happy holidays message!

This stack has loads of options to make it match with the look and feel of the rest of your site. As usual, you can read all about it (and grab yourself a free copy) on its product page, where you will also find a demo.

I wish you and yours happy holidays and an awesome 2019!




Great stack Marathia. And thanks :)


Thank you!

Bedankt Jeroen 👍

Thanks for the nice gift!

Thanks. Love your stacks!

Shattering Popups for RapidWeaver

Landing pages are a great way to get a visitor to click a Call To Action. With Marathia’s latest free stack, you’ll really grab your visitor’s attention.

It’s slowly becoming a tradition that Marathia presents us with a free stack at Christmas. ShatteringPopup is Jeroen’s latest present; a popup with a fullscreen overlay that opens as an animated mosaic and closes the same way when your visitor clicks anywhere on the page.

Read more at: https://rw-ninja.news/ShatterPopup


Bedankt Jeroen, zeer gewaardeerd. Beste kerstwensen 🙂

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Wow Rob,

You were on my list to submit this stack for a review, and you already did it!

Thanks, it’s much appreciated (as always).

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So cool ! Thank you Jeroen.

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Thank you, Jeroen! Best wishes! :)

Tausend Dankeschön!!! Tolle Stacks!

Hi, Marathia, where can I get your used ”Scroll to Top" Stack on Your own side?
kr Fred

Could this not be a good Idea?
Dear Developer: Please make it possible, that we all can use our own icons (png or svg)
I would really like to use my own served icons (without using fa or google or other icons because of GDPR (DSGVO - European Data Security, since May 2018 ) thats the reason, why i also serve my own buyed Fontspring Fonts. (I would like to prevent the use of foreign icons as much as possible.
If possible, everything should come from my own server.)

Hi, Marathia, where can I get your used ”Scroll to Top" Stack on Your own side?
kr Fred

That’s Joe Workman’s Elevator stack.

Well, at least this does not include any fonts or icons from a CDN…

Beg Your Pardon: What is a CDN?