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I liked the look of Source, so thought that I would try it and the other stacks. I purchased the Source Workbook and worked my way through it.

I decided to use it to build a new site for one of my clients, previously I would use Foundation 6. I came upon a problem with the container plus stack when trying to use the custom advanced padding, see attached images. The top container uses the advanced settings and the second container has the basic padding settings. As you can see it looks ok in work mode, but the settings aren’t visible in preview for the top container. Is there something I’m missing?



Hi there @06Media

When adding your own values for the advanced settings you also need to add the units too. e.g. with px (for pixels). At the minute you just have e.g. 40 when it should be 40px

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any further issues. Thanks for trying out Source.