Accessing stacks from a RW8 project file to use in RW7

I am sure that this used to work. I.e. you could open an RW8 fie with the RW8 demo version, and drag layouts into RW7.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Not any more you can’t.

How come? That was originally a failsafe way to go back to RW7 if there was an issue with RW8.

I can’t remember which dot version did it but it is because of the major changes in files and API’s I presume. Many things in RW8 simply were not present in RW7 and would most likely crash it if pasted in.

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Damn. Using RW v8.03 to load an 8.3 rw8 file is an instant crash too.

Oh well, so this means there is no way to use any RW8 content in an RW7 project file either by dragging individual stacks or dragging pages into RW7. Shame.

I really do think it is time to sack off RW7 in terms of creating new content.

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I still don’t see any any solid reason to upgrade and not being able to downgrade is a good reason not to upgrade. If RM ever add a new feature I will consider it.