Accounting software?

After 30 years using an accountant my needs are now far simpler than they’ve ever been before so I am soon going to go it on my own.

I have invoicing covered, I use Invoice ninja and don’t wish to change.

I’m looking for suggestions for something simple that covers the basics.

  1. Monthly recording of sales and expenditure by categories that can be outputted
  2. No need for VAT
  3. NOT online. It must work off a local machine with none of the cloud nonsense
  4. Don’t want it to talk directly to HMRC
  5. No monthly subs.

Really, an elaborate spreadsheet would do it, or even better a File maker pro solution, but also happy to look at stand-alone apps.

Any suggestions?

Don’t know if it is still updated. Worth a look. Have a not needed T2 license if you need one…

Do you use it?

No, I am using Paddle. I don’t have to write invoices.

Wow! That looks amazeballs @ashleykaryl but who are “Apple”, the makers?

It’s a company that makes vastly over priced computers and then tries to fob you off with a free spreadsheet app.

Oh right, so Numbers is a spreadsheet not book keeping app?

Nor much use then, is it?

You can use it just like Excel to create formulas, add up your costs, sales and all the rest. I know a retired accountant who uses it for all his own accounting.

Yes, I see now it’s really an invoicing system, which I don’t need, but thanks.

@ashleykaryl Looks like my sarcasm levels are high at the mo, I do know what Numbers is, I have it, but really, a spreadsheet will do, but there are better options out there; a database is much better for the task if I were looking to do something myself. And if I were, I’d use Filemaker pro. But for now, I’m not. Or at least not until I can;'t find something off the shelf suitable.

Numbers really is shite though. I have old socks that are more powerful ;-) If I go that way I’ll use Excel.

Evidently not high enough to have spotted my sarcasm, though it was more aimed at Apple’s pricing, rather than you. It’s completely your choice, however you said your accounting needs were very simple nowadays.

When I was VAT registered my accountant gave me an Excel template with examples and I worked from that. At a later date I opened the same files in Numbers and carried on as before.

Ya, sorry, I’ve not been too well lately, and it’s making me a miserable old fucker. Sorry!

I’m looking at spreadsheet options now. Thanks for the heads up.

I’m really old fashioned. I just have a gigantic LibreOffice spreadsheet I use for everything. It makes life so much simpler.

When I did accountancy and business management at college, we were using Excel 97 for everything. Worked perfectly fine back then. LibreOffice is no different.

Something close to Filemaker is Ninox. Takes a bit of time to get into it but they have templates for invoicing etc. It is nearly as or as powerful as FM Pro but costs only parts of FM. It is a one time 39.- Euro for a single user.
Be warned (sarcasm on): It is a german company.
You can check it out here:

I use Ninox as a replacement for FileMaker. It’s bit bizarre but plenty powerful under the hood.

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I’ve used this for years, might fit the bill.

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Thanks for that, it looks interesting.

The problem seems to be now that most off the shelf solutions massively over complicate things, this one doesn’t seem to. Although it’s not the most intuitive, but I’m sure I just need to get my head around it.

Might well be a purchase, thanks again.

I am using the German version of this.

Just another thank you for highlighting this one. Ive been working with it on and off the last couple of days, and while at first glance it’s really not suitable, once you think laterally a bit, it’s damn near perfect.

I export my online banking info, do a tiny bit of editing in excel and upload it as a CSV file. Moneydance can read the categories my online bank creates and apply them accordingly and then with another little bit of editing within Moneydance I can bring three bank accounts in two currencies together to produce one set of reports.

And although the devs say it can’t do it, it can actually produce something close to a P&L account by clever application of the “include in tax” option.

Syncing across devices by Dropbox and only £40 with the 20% off codes floating around the net.


Cheers @OldDog

Glad it’ll work for you.