Acquisition of Ecwid by Lightspeed POS

Hm…, doubting that this are good news. Here is the text from the newsletter I got from Ecwid some minutes ago…:


Today we announced that Ecwid has agreed to be acquired by Lightspeed. This acquisition is an exciting new step in our incredible journey to re-imagine the future of commerce and sets the stage for expanded investment in our mission to bring the best commerce tools to merchants across the globe.

We are excited to be joining Lightspeed on the next stage of our journey. Lightspeed ignites business growth and like us, they are committed to investing in innovative products and customer service to make their merchants successful. Lightspeed shares the same vision, priorities, and commitments to partners as Ecwid which means together, we are even better placed to serve you and merchants well.

With the opportunities afforded by the Lightspeed suite of products, merchants will have more options than ever to start and grow their business via the Lightspeed ecosystem. As part of Lightspeed, we expect to accelerate product innovation and continue to deliver the world-class customer service that you and your customers have come to expect from us.

Both you and your customers will continue to receive the same services without disruption. Over the coming months we will be working to bring the Ecwid and Lightspeed partner programs together. Like Ecwid, Lightspeed has made its partner program a major point of focus and we’re excited to help merchants start and grow their businesses together.


Is my current partnership agreement still valid, and if so for how long? Will I need to renegotiate my partnership agreement with Lightspeed?

The agreements you signed with Ecwid are still valid and there is no plan to change them after the acquisition is closed. In order to gain access to Lightspeed’s product portfolio, however, these agreements will need to be updated. Should you have any questions specific to your contract, please reach out to your partner manager directly.

How will my customers be affected?

Our joint customers are the biggest winners of this acquisition. Lightspeed is a growing company that intends to invest in its products for all its merchants. Their experience is the most important to us and we want to make sure they’re happy with our solutions. There will be continued growth and investment in the Ecwid and Lightspeed products, as well as customer care offered to support all merchants. Our goal is to make this acquisition as seamless for our joint customers as possible. Ecwid users will not experience any disruption in service or changes to their technical support.

As a technology partner, how will the Ecwid integration with my product be affected?

No changes are planned to your integration at this time. Continuity of all integrations are a priority for Ecwid.

How will the integration with Lightspeed affect the platform itself?

Lightspeed’s decision to acquire Ecwid was based on our strong product offering. As with all previous acquisitions, Lightspeed’s objective is to leverage the talent and technology at Ecwid in order to build a best-in-class solution for our joint customers.

As a Channel partner, will I be able to sell Lightspeed products in my territory?

Yes! Once the acquisition is official, we will want to speak to you and understand your business. In order to gain access to Lightspeed’s expanded product portfolio you will have to update your partner contract.

We just have to wait and see… 😬🤞🏼

Yep, hope dies last. Trying to be confident that we will benefit from that merge.

My only experience of Litespeed is as an EPOS system for some of my retail clients, they also offer various addons for additional services. My recollection is that they keep a very tight grip on things.

I suspect their interest in ECWID is to connect it to their EPOS system for users who want their products to appear in their own websites, not a Litespeed powered one.

I have no more insight into this than anyone else, but instinct would tell me that the days of ECWID as a stand-alone product are numbered. I suspect that ultimately to use ECWID you’ll have to use the Litespeed ecosystem.

I’d say this is more or less what that PR is saying, albeit in a very roundabout way.