AdblockDetector for RapidWeaver [Review]

Advertisements on some websites are extremely annoying, they can envelope occasional pages like a swarm of locusts. No wonder then that regular web users install ad-blockers. This is, of course, can be aggravating if you rely on advertisements as a source of income.

If you’re an ad-blocker, you’re bound to have seen messages informing you that a page can’t be displayed because you have an ad-blocker active; you may even have been whisked away to a completely different page, or you may have seen a polite request to deactivate your ad-blocker.

Jeroen’s AdblockDetector stack allows Weavers who rely on ads to display a message or a lightbox that requests your visitor to deactivate their adblocker.

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The only thing more annoying than the advertisements themselves is a pop-up asking me to allow them.

I just close the tab, never to return to the site in question.

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Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. LOL

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Me too, @Neil- but first I try to put the page in reader mode. That usually does the trick (if so, I add it to the list of “always open pages on this site in reader mode).

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