Add a Vibracart Pro buy button code snippet to a UIkit3 button?

I’m trying to add the following Vibracart Pro buy link to a Uikit3 button. I’ve tried a few options but can’t work it out.

Anyone any ideas?

Code snippet…

<button class="vcbuybutton" onclick="cart_addItem({ item_number: 'profession', currency_code: 'EUR' });"></button>

Hi @steveb,

I can think of 2 ways you can try:

Method 1: Set the UIkit Button stack type to “button” then this…

Method 2: Use the UIKit Text Stack or HTML stack and add the code

<button class="vcbuybutton uk-button" onclick="cart_addItem({ item_number: 'profession', currency_code: 'EUR' });"></button>

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I’d worked out option two myself, but really wanted to add it directly to the button… And option 1 worked a treat.

Many thanks.

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