Add text to hamburger menu

Is there a CSS way to add a label to the nav menu when it goes to mobile? The client wants it to actually say ‘MENU’ next to the hamburger icon…

Perhaps you could create a button or text link inside the mobile cta area, next to the burger.

Good thought. I’m using that space for something else (and it also gets put inside the menu on mobile anyway). I just noticed a title setting that I could use, I think…

Ok, minor follow-up for @habitualshaker - is there a way for the the mobile CTA to be put after the menu items as it is in the desktop nav (see screenshots)?

Hi - no not currently possible I’m afraid. Will assess for a future update.

And I’ll look at adding in the option for adding some text with the burger.


Maybe switch out the Source menu for a PopMenu at mobile?

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