Adding CSS via page or site wide in settings published page code location question

If you enter CSS code in the Page CSS area in RW, where does that CSS code go in published files?

Same question but for CSS entered into the General Settings Code, or page wide code?

That’s can be theme dependent. They go into the theme variable (Header Syntax Section )%user_styles%. If I remember they both get placed into that single Variable with the site wide first and page level second.

There’s also a %plugin_header% variable, where plugins like stacks place CSS.

I’m not sure I follow you.

I should have said using Stacks and framework type themes such as Foundry or Source.

RapidWeaver will place the site wide (General code CSS) followed by the page inspectors CSS into the themes %user_styles%variable.

So if you open up the theme(show in finder) and look at the HTML file(usually template.html). Then look for that variable in the header section. That’s where RW will place the CSS at publishing and preview.

Have a look at rapidweaver4_themesdk document page 84. It shows you all the header section variables and the usual order. But the theme developer could have changed that order.