Adding widgets to a RW site

Hi All,

I do a website for a non-profit cat shelter and we have a listing on our website for adoptable cats and kittens. These same cats and kittens are listed on Pet Finders website.

I have been asked to use the “embeddable widget” from Pet Finders so that I can have our “adoptable cats” page show what is on Pet Finders page directly. So I got the code, added an html stack, put the code in and previewed the page. I see what I expected to see in that I see a page from Pet Finders with our cats photos. HOWEVER, I cannot upload that page to the server. The page exports but when it gets to uploading, no files upload, and RW freezes and I have to force quit.

Here is the code they want me to embed. Any ideas why this won’t work for me. TIA, Mary



SOLVED! Don’t know what the problem was but I tried again later and it worked.

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