Adios Lastpass (legacy). Replacement

I’ve used Lastpass for years to manage passwords. I did upgrade when new versions came out, but it was pants, so stuck with the old version (App-store). Lastpass have announced that the “legacy” version will cease at the end of Feb. It’s not so much not supported anymore but will no longer function.

So I need a replacement.

I don’t really use Lastpass as it’s intended, I don’t store anything as a “password” linked to a URL as such, I just use it to store “notes” which contains everything: URL’s, user names, passwords, database settings, everything. As soon as I sign up for something, or open an account, or buy something, or create something with settings, I create a Lastpass item to store that data.

But now I need a replacement. I need it to sync across devices: Two or three macs, Androids, etc.


@wolf Didn’t you make something along these lines?

As a single user (multiple devices) you can still use LastPass for free - you just don’t have certain ‘premium features’. I mostly use LastPass the same way you do (with notes etc.), and nothing stops you from downloading and installing the latest version from their website

LastPass - Pricing

Ys, I just really didn’t like the newer versions though.

@steveb I’ve made a Filemaker Runtime called “Domain Genius”, but am struggling in making it Catalina-compatible (this fu…ing notarization stuff…). Isaiah has already offered my help, but I had no time yet to get back to him. But this solution wouldn’t have any synching across devices, so it’s not what you’re looking for. What about 1Password…?

I use KeePassXC but I don’t think there’s a mobile version.

You are able to share the files between the different applications on desktop or mobile.

Sorry Jannis, but how does that work if there’s no version of KeepassXC for mobile?

You could use maybe dropbox to share the encrypted file between the applications?

But how do you do that if there isn’t a version of KeepassXC that runs on your phone? There are several products called ‘Keepass’ or variation in the App Store, but none of them look like the right one.

You should be able to use the same in different applications. For example, a file opened in KeePassX (I never used KeePassXC) was able to be opened inside MiniKeePass (an iOS app no longer existing).

I’ve been using 1Password for the past 5+ years on all my devices, including my wife’s iphone. Currently 1800 very strong logins, credit card details, passports etc. Integration with your browsers to autocomplete, save or update logins - it’s a brilliant solution and worth the monthly £3.99 fee (via App Store)

30 day trial is worth a look:"

I am using 1 Password since its inception (non-subscription app—I’m not sure whether this model is still available for new customers, though). Never had any problems. It’s a must-have app.

My use of password manager is same as yours (passwords, URLs, serial numbers, notes, etc.). The app assists with creating several kinds of strong passwords. Its Watchtower feature lets me know whether any of my passwords or email addresses were ever involved in security breaches.

no mention of Bitwarden here??
i have used 1password and lastpass for years but i am now a happy user of (free) Bitwarden,
it syncs across all my devices (imac, ipad, android) beautifully!

I’ve never heard of BitWarden before but it looks interesting. I might give it a whirl because it’s occasionally inconvenient not having passwords stored on my phone.

Thanks for the tip!


@cezi just a quick not to say thanks for recommending BitWarden. I’m starting to use it slowly (and pruning old passwords as I go) but so far it looks exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Well played!

my pleasure; BW behaves very solid and fast on all my devices, no issues so far, once a day you have to enter your master password to use it for the rest of the day; BW extensions on all my browsers make it work nicely on iMac; btw: you can easily import last pass passwords into BW!

Just a heads up on this…

It seems that last year things got a delay, and LP continued to work, but they are once again trying to restrict the free account, effective 16th March 2021.

The new way the free accounts will work is a little convoluted, so I tried Bit Warden, and for the way I used LP, it works in more or less the same way.

If you use LP and haven’t yet had the email about the changes hit the website and check, cus from 16th March things will change.


You can read about changes regarding LastPass in more detail on Michael Tsai’s blog.


I moved from 1password to Lastpass to Dashlane to Bitwarden.
For almost a year I have been using Bitwarden now and I stay with it.