Afinity Designer/photo help

I’ve run out of skill with this one!

I have these layers that I’ve pulled out of a big PDF brochure. I need to export it as a simple jpg, about 800px wide. I’ve quite a few of these to do.

This is the designer file of the layers:

I thought this would be a simple case of just exporting, but even with the image size tiny and the quality really low, the file size is huge. I’ve tried everything to get the file size to something sensible but failed. It’s like there is something in the layers that is adding a huge amount of weight.

I’ve also tried in Photo but hit the same issue.

Anyone any ideas where I’m going wrong?

Found a workaround: First export as PDF, small web file. Open that, then export as jpg.

Seems flaff though, any better way to do this?

Maybe you could use something like XnConvert to bulk import, set to 72dpi, resize width to 800px and output to jpg.

In Acrobat, go to Tools > Export.
You can then choose to export just the images in the PDF in various formats.

Or (a bit more labourious) if you have Illustrator, open the page in and extract the elements you need and save them.

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