Agent for a dual currency page?

I wish to give customers to opportunity to pay in both Euros and Pounds, I’m using @yuzoolthemes Cart2 stack for the cart end of things.

I know Cart2 can’t handle two different currencies (not sure any checkout stack can do that?) and really I’d like to offer clients in the Eurozone only Euros, and those in the GBP area the pound sterling option.

Agent seems to be the obvious choice. I think.

My understanding is Agent can deliver different content to the browser based not only on the device but also location. Is that correct @joeworkman?

Assuming that is correct, how accurate is it? I want to cover Ireland and Northern Ireland, will it be able to cope? How does it even know where someone is?

Assuming Agent is the tool, I’m thinking build two versions of the page, one in euros one in sterling, and have Agent decide which to deliver.

To those who use Agent, will that work?


Reading up on this, I actually don’t think Agent will work. It can serve up different content based on language, but not location.

Can anyone confirm that?

GeoTarget is my product that allows you to customize content based on location.

Looks like when I published the site yesterday, I broken GeoTarget Demo. I will add that to the todo list today. You can still pick up a copy from the main stacks page if you need it.

How “customise” does it allow? Will it, like Agent, only pull content from the server based on location, or does it just display content in the browser based on location (hiding the stuff intended for other locations?

GeoTarget does function like Agent in that content is only sent to the browser that needs to be.


I’m sorted on this one for now, but I need to roll out similar things for a whole range of sites that are now going to marketed to Euro AND GBP customers.

Thanks for the heads up.

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