Ai file uneditable

Hi All,

Wandering if anyone can help… I have been sent this .ai file but it behaves like a locked image, I can’t edit it at all. I cant even use the erasure tool on it… is there a way to unlock this? (It’s not locked, it has no layers but it is vector…)… ?? I’m using Illustrator - cheers! (I can distort it!)

It could have a load of clipping masks if it was exported out of a PDF. They will be invisible but will have the effect you’re describing.

Try this: Select all > Clipping Mask > Release
Then Ungroup.
Go into outline view (command-y) and you should see all the clipping masks as rectangles - delete them one by one and you should end up with the original elements.

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Hi ! Thank you - Clipping mask / release is greyed out… Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 3.26.33 PM

Sorry Justin - does that mean it didn’t work?

I suspect they’ve just put an image in there and there’s no vectors at all. If you view in outline mode (command-y) and all you see is a single box that would explain why you can’t edit it.

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That’s right, doesn’t work - That’s what I think an image… But it doesn’t seem to get blurry not matter what I size I get it too? So it does behave like a vector… very weird.

And yes in outline mode I just see a single box… dang!

That’s as bad as clients sending images in a Word doc :-)

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A quick way to see if there are non-vector images in an AI file is to expand the layer tab to reveal the individual elements. Here are 2 versions of the same image as a png (top) and the original vector a/w.

Hey @Justin - are you using Ai 2021? If not, therein most likely lies the issue. v2021 has the ability to save to CC, but if the right box isn’t checked, older versions of Ai (nor other vector tools such as Affinity Designer) can manipulate it.

You can send it to me and I’ll save it down for you. I’m not guaranteeing it will work, but it should.

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Thanks Dave, the client got their designer to send over another version that is editable… thanks again!

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