Align menu items Vertically to bottom

Hey @Lucas , I’m back here again after realising there’s still loads I can’t do in Blocs just yet that’s a doddle in RW as I have so many stacks :-)

Anyhoo, I’ve been trying to re-create a menu I made in blocs and I’m having trouble getting the menu item text to align to the bottom of the nav bar. Here are two pics. the blocks version and the RW version (I made a centred navbar menu with an empty middle item that I dropped the logo pic into).

Any ideas how to achieve this? i.e. all the text and the logo image nicely aligned to their bases…I tried the position stack but it messed up the menu text.

Many thanks,

Hello @rojharris,

I tried reproducing the issue here, but my Navbar Items are coming centered, unless I add padding to the the Navbar (using custom sizes). If you’d like to PM me a your navbar project, I can take a look.



Hi @Ricardo … Thanks for taking a look. Don’t worry. I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to sort other layout issues so have now gone back to Blocs to do it there. It’s so much easier to control layout and breakpoint changes.

I’m going to miss your Ecwid stacks when I port the shop over to Blocs. Have you thought about porting them over? The latest update now has support for Ecwid but nowhere near the ease of use of your stacks, so I’m sure they’d get snapped up…


Hi @rojharris,

I’ve been working on v2.0 of the Ecwid Stacks, which is a major update. With wall kinda of new things, and controls. Once that is done, I will take a look into porting it over to Blocs, but I need to get up to speed with their API first.



Since you talked about layout, the new version of Ecwid Stacks allow much more control over the Ecwid Shop design, layout and functionality. You can modify the store front look, hide all the tiles, make them into portholes, borders, etc, only work with sub-categories, customized pretty much all buttons, dynamically add fields to the checkout, triggered pop ups that can add the products directly to the cart , a modular customizer, filtered search, a new category menu bar stack, new single product layout stacks, only have to enter the store ID once and lots more…

I’m near the finish line… but still finishing a couple more elements, and doing lots of testing.

If you decide to bring the project back to RW, I’d be glad to help.



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Wow! Sounds amazing… I may do the shop site in RW just to be able to use this! Currently it’s in Woocommerce via Wordpress and I hate it. Every time Wordpress updates I think it’s all going to break… This is why I’m moving it to Ecwid. I guess I can build it in RW as it’s pretty simple, then, if you do port the stacks over to Blocs I’ll rebuild it there.

Thanks @Ricardo !