Allow images to be pinned to Pinterest

I think I used to have a stack that allowed images on my website to be instantly pinned to Pinterest.
Its vanished. Can anyone suggest best way to do this?


Hi @Domino,

Unless Pinterest have reversed this, it’s not been possible to integrate your own “Pin it” button using a simple URL for some time now. Instead, each Pin It button is now unique, and can’t simply be a URL that a stack could handle for you.

Pinterest now force you to generate each Pin It button using the Pin Generator. You’re then presented with a bit of code that you need to paste inside an HTML stack on your page. The Pin It button will appear wherever you put that HTML stack.

You need to do this for every image you want your visitors to be able to pin. So it’s quite labour intensive to do this if you have a lot of images.

Rant mode:
The generated code is bloated and includes calls to external code libraries that can be updated without you knowing. You’re basically signing a blank contract, and Pinterest can alter the deal any time. The code is in violation of the GDPR unless you place each Pin it button behind something like CookieManager and have visitors accept the terms to display them.
/Rant mode.

And still people wonder why Pinterest isn’t the popular social medium it once was.



Thanks so much for this info. Perfect! Now I can say NO and know what I’m talking about.