An interesting site not built with RW

I was quite surprised with this eye catching site - which looks like it is still under development.

I agree. Looks simple and flows easily and there’s some really nice detail that seems to free it from the typical ‘banding’ feel.

I like that it has its ‘banner’ further down the page, and the typography combines really well: Montserrat is a lovely font but you have to get the sizes right or it can look clunky… these sizes are spot on. Colours also work really well with all the images. Lots to learn from this site.

Agree,but imo its poorly thought out on mobile.

Still, nice to see a more traditional design.

Edit … I’d say that’s the perfect candidate for a Blocs rinse, as my first proper Bloc project.

I wonder if it is the restrictions or style imposed/enabled by Sparkle that have influenced that sites layout and style, because it has quite a unique look. RW sites tend to look like RW sites and many Foundation and Foundry Sites can be easy to spot. I’m noticing that Elementor sites also often have a very distinctive Elementor look about them.

Agree. Not great on iPhone but I think that’s Sparkle.