Anchor IDs error

Great tutorial in Lawyer in anchor IDs, thanks. All made sense, but I’m still not managing to make it work , I suspect it may have been the use of grid stacks to ‘float’ sections?

The site has header + 4 sections, each setup like this:

Everything is tagged ‘section’ except the header, and named. (#header, #photo #film etc

I also have link to #film in the 'Scroll Down" item below the header, that give me this error:

Any clues please?

Thank you!

PS Website is now live

You need to remove the #s from the Anchor /IDs. In the example above you have set the Anchor to #photo and it should be photo.

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Ooh it works!!! Thanks Gary

Sorry to trouble everyone, I knew it would be something daft, but sometimes you can no longer see clearly (or ‘see the wood for the trees’ as we say)

Appreciated 😌

Taking this a little further, if I may?

The site has 3 pages: the first has all the anchor IDs working now, thank you. Contact is on the third page. If I want to link to that -
a. can anchor IDs work on an alternative page
b. what do I tag the container? #section #main?

As you gather, I am still very much working on this and learning Source too (my normal method of learning, on the job…).

Thank you!

You don’t really need to do anything with the tags, so leave as Div.

Use the normal Link box to add a link to from text, a button, an image, etc and set it to go to the other page.

You don’t use # in this situation.

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Thanks Gary, I’ll set it up!

PS If anyone here thinks it looks awful - please feel free to say so!