Animated Titles for RapidWeaver [Review]

You may remember that, back in March, I reviewed the Hype theme from Multithemes. The feature that immediately stood out was the animation of the page titles and as soon as the demo page was published, Michelangelo was bombarded with requests to release the Hype titles as a stack.

Well, Michelangelo has submitted to pressure and the resulting Hype Titles stack includes 17 different animations with 29 built-in fonts and an option for Google Fonts.

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@rob You describe the Stack well.
thanks again for the review!
I really appreciate!


Sorry but it’s truly horrible.

Anyone that says differently is blowing smoke up your bottom.

@MikeN, your opinion is just as good (or bad) as the next guy’s. It’s a pity that you couldn’t just tell the world that you didn’t like Hype Titles and leave it at that.


Is it possible to use your own, selfhosted fonts with Hyper Titles?
… or just the build-in and Google fonts?

HI @HARRY, Do you mean a font loaded from a library or from your server? This Stack works only with built-in web font ( google fonts converted and embedded in the stack), some safe fonts and all Google fonts.

so none of my other webfonts work?

Sorry, I didn’t answer your question.
A font loaded from my server.

I thought about it and decided I stand by it

It’s this type of thing that will be lampooned in a few years, It’s an animated GIF for 2019.

You didn’t like my comment, fair enough. I don’t really give a toss TBO.

I too was very disappointed.

Not only did the stack download link not appear to be emailed requiring a chaser email to be sent, I then discover after purchase that neither personally hosted fonts nor warehoused images are supported.

I won’t make that mistake again.

Thank you all your comments, it helps me improve the product; moreover this is the first version and has been realized with a new technology in RW and I hope there are other occasions to talk better than HypePro.
@HARRY I’l look into this, @paul.rowe you can drag images from the Resources panel in RW into the image field of the stack.

thanks again to everyone

@Multithemes Michelangelo

I do not use the RW resources panel I only use warehoused assets that are located on my server - hence my previous comments about the stack not supporting warehousing.

It would be a very welcome addition to the stack if warehousing was enabled to allow images and fonts of my choosing from my server.


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@Multithemes, @paul.rowe

That’ll be great.

@paul.rowe thanks, perhaps the current URL field option it’s not very practical to use because you have to write the path manually but should work if you use the path of your archive. Do you have any suggestions to improve the current option?
thank you!

@Multithemes Michelangelo - For the sake of clarity the image below shows that no image warehousing possibility exists.

There is no option to provide an external url reference - the only possibility is to locate an image locally.

The only way in which an image background can be used, as far as I can tell, is by using something like a BWD Sections Pro stack and then adding the HypeTitle to the foreground of the BWD SP stack.


Using BWD Section Pro with a warehoused background image

Without a wharehousing option for images IN ANY STACK there is no way to use a CMS image be it any of the CMS suites out there.

Any stack that supports images should (must, in my book) support wharehousing, if it doesn’t then for me its an instant no purchase no matter how potentially good/groundbreaking/cheap/feature packed it is.


Maybe I don’t understand what you mean. sorry!
The only option in this stack that require an images is the clipping text option. For this option you can load images by dragging from your mac and also fron resources panel ( in order to use built-in images in resources only) and anso by an external URL, the second option.
This is what you mean?

if instead I mean the background I can add the option, of course.

BTW; are you using the beta 4 or stack 3?

I am not referencing clipping text option.

As per my image above I am referring to the background image.

I use RW 8.2.1 and Stacks v4.0.0b33


Sorry for the misunderstanding, I’m working on it with some improvements too.

I’m there with @paul.russam. Many stacks of developers do not support warehoused images. Personally, that’s a pity, as it prevents CMS-based websites. Maybe it would be good if warehoused image support is a must for stacks when using images. I do not know if this is possible at all. As a user, you are always surprised when a developer does not offer this option. It means virtually no extra work and makes the stack more versatile.
Especially for this stack, I can only say that the developer has given a lot of effort with the functionality. There is a usage of warehoused images in path clipping. It only lacks the option to use warehoused images as a background image as well. But you can easily compensate for this by using the stack in a stack that supports this.
To the aesthetics I can only say, it is always up to the user what he designed. The stack is just a tool that can be used to create very nice animations but also really awful websites.
In my opinion, unlike some other stacks I bought recently, the stack is well worth the money. Owners of HYPE can make the animations directly there, but that means a fairly long time of training. If you use animations only occasionally (which I recommend to everyone) then you can quickly make something interesting with this stack without having to deal with HYPE for hours only for a short animation.