Announcement! Support Stacks 5!

Starting now until the end of the Weaver’s Space Summit, ALL Stacks Basecamp project files will be 50% off and ALL* proceeds from the sales of Stacks Basecamp project files and Private Lessons will be contributed to the development of Stacks 5.

If you’ve already purchased a project and still wish to help, you may use the Support STACKS PRO button on the Stacks Basecamp homepage to send Isaiah a little something to help out. When you do, you’ll get a FREE project file I’ve been working on called “Traveler”! The minimum amount to donate is $10.

Foundation Box as well as Stacks App Stacks are both offering similar freebies if you support the development of Stacks 5!

Check out their websites and see what sort of awesomeness you can get for supporting a great app!
Stacks App Stacks: Donate to Help Isaiah build StacksPro by StacksAppStacks |
Foundation Box: Rose | Project file for Rapidweaver

Stacks is what has made our web development possible and I, for one, can’t wait to see Stacks Pro come to fruition!

*Starlight project files pricing includes the license cost for either Sitelok or VibraCart Pro. The project file itself will be 50% off, but not the license.


Clicking the blue ‘Add Support’ button doesn’t seem to do anything (Safari Version 14.1.2 (14611.

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 4.50.28 PM

Odd… it’s working on the various browsers and devices I’m using…

In Brave v.1.42.86 I get the un-styled page, where buttons don’t work for me, either.

In Firefox 104.0.1 – same result as in Safari. All attempts with desktop apps.

on Safari 15.5 it’s working perfect. Payment was fine.
Just the “traveller project” link didn’t work (safari or firefox, nothing on both), it says “Could not open file.” (also from the email link)
No rush ;) lets support Stacks 5!!!

OK, I was able to donate at this link:
Donate to Help Isaiah build StacksPro by StacksAppStacks |

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OK!! I got it. It had to do with the PayPal IPN link. It was set as a different domain. Oops. Sorry about that!

Yeah… it would have been really awesome if I uploaded the project file to the right spot within S3. 🤦‍♂️

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Thanks for the catches, y’all! There’s always something with a launch. 😬
I think I got them all sorted… where’s that piece of wood I need to now knock on…?

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Can i use apple pay for donation only? because I don’t see the button.

Donation made, worked without any problems in Safari. Thanks for setting this up Chris :)

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Unfortunately, I need to keep it to PayPal and Stripe. Try this… Home | Stacks Basecamp | Stacks Project Files | Foundation 6 + Total CMS

When does this end?

It ends when the Weaver’s Space Summit ends. So, October 23rd.

Donated to this very worthy effort. This is the way forward folks, so step up to the plate and let’s keep Isaiah able to support himself and his family. We wouldn’t be anywhere without Stacks.

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Thank you! So many have given their support!!

I had an issues the first day but was able to give support the second time around later in the day…