Announcing the Multi Switch Stack

Allow your website visitors to easily switch multiple content sections. It’s great for demos, products with multiple options, and much more…

  • Switch absolutely any content including CSS
  • Use Multiple Toggle Switches, Radios or Icons
  • Set different Icons for On and Off content
  • Use Font Awesome Icons as switches
  • Horizontal, Vertical or Freestyle Layouts
  • Advanced layouts with nested Multi Switches
  • Single Switch mode for regular A/B switching
  • Enable OFF content for multi A/B switching
  • Use optional cookies to remember switch positions
  • Compatible with Privacy Center cookie categories

25% OFF Launch Discount ends June 1st 2021


Curious could this stack be used to create a dark mode version of a site?

Yes, you could easily use it for the dark mode css.

Have you seen the dark mode stack?

Hi, thanks for quick reply!
Yes I saw your dark mode stack, looks good, but this multi stack has more versatility, looking forward to testing it out. Is there a project file included with your demo examples to see how you set things up?

Yes, there’s a demo project although I didn’t include the advanced layouts. I built them on the fly while doing the product post. I’ll add them in soon and make it available for download.