Annoying white flash on page load

Hi, I just built this landing page using ‘Soon’ free project from Foundation Box (F6)
When the page loads Chrome or Firefox i get an annoying flash of white with unstyled text before the page loads.
I’ve never had this problem with a RW site before. Any suggestions?

The “annoying flash of white with unstyled text” is most likely being caused by delays in loading up stuff such as JS scripts, large images, etc., or from delays while the browser is calculating the size and position of everything.

The pages looks fairly simple so should be quick.

You could run the URL through ### PageSpeed Insights to see what is slowing it.

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Hi Gary - i’ve just found it here in the Site Styles under CSS performance: Thanks for your suggestions. (I’m new to F6) It seemt to make the site load super fast but you get the annoying white flash!

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