Another SEO question

I did post this link on the main forum as I thought it may be helpful. It’s free and I thought quite good.
The only thing I could say was it kept showing the same problems up after they were fixed, so not sure on why that would be. It flags up meta problems nice and clearly.

I used it to see how the competition do online and to be honest I was a little surprised by the number of backlinks and traffic volume compared to my own site. I had 30 backlinks, they had over a 1100, that can’t be manual input can it ?
Where as they had several 100 visits per month I had 3 ! 3 visits in April and 8 in May but that just sounds like showing off! My site gets really good positions on the first page etc etc. No wonder I have no work :( coming in.

So with that in mind it shows 32 organic key words and the other sign co has 528 ! is that purely down to more content on more subjects than mine ? Or is there a way to gain more organic keywords?
I know Ive spoken about seo before but this evidence was a cause for concern.
I thought my on page seo was ok. Bit random sometimes maybe.

Or should I just never check my seo with this stuff , if its on the front page that’s enough???

Anyways I hope some will find the site useful.