Any Elementor users in the house?


Thanks to both. Och, ma poor heid!


Hi there,

just following your conversation… very interesting… only a quick quote:

From the website

The default choice for most companies should be Wordpress. Agencies dislike it (including us) but it’s the most well known and allows your marketing team to stay productive. If you have technical talent dedicated to marketing, a strong contender is the Contentful + Gatsby.js stack. Contentful while pricey allows your tech team to create any module the marketing team needs and Gatsby can take in all of that data super easily.

Also have problems with more and more clients want to edit/change text themselves … working only with Easy CMS in the moment…



I look at posts as simply entering images & text into a database (which is exactly what you are doing). From then on you can create any taxonomy you want with it, then feed it though-out your website. With E its just a case of selecting the database icon, select whatever taxonomy you created and boom - dynamic page design, it’s beautiful and easy once you get your head around the concept. Every header, para, image can be feed into from the database (or not) at a click of a button.


That was one thing that jumped out when messing around with Blocs (and seems to be the case with Oxygen and Elementor too). Also, the approach to responsive layouts is really user-friendly. With just those two things alone, it can make such a noticeable difference when tinkering with site settings since the Preview is basically instantaneous compared to RW.


I have tried all these builders and IMO none come close to Elementor. Try this: Add their own Hello Theme (a no theme, theme if you like), then build out with E only, it’s page load speeds are lightning fast. Def the way forward. I love the build environment too, very design orientated. But horses for courses I know.


@Justin How do I find the Hello Theme? I did a search with WP for it, but nothing came up. I’ve been using OceanWP with E. Can’t find hello. (I’ve only begun using E a bit so I may be missing something very obvious.)


Hello theme at but needs Elementor Pro.

I assume that the Hello theme is a blank or minimal (no framework) “theme” but it would require loading in all the stuff you would need for a complex site and all the WP stuff to take advantage of using WP otherwise a lean App like Blocs would create a fast loading, well laid out site for a brochure type site.

For me the real issues are WYSIWYG, edit speed and ease of access to powerful features through ease of code insertion or via 3rd party addons.


@Webdeersign Got it! Thanks.

I was looking via Add Themes within WP. Did not show up.

Although the downloaded version says:

  1. In your admin panel, go to Appearance > Themes and click the ‘Add New’ button.
  2. Type in ‘Elementor Hello’ in the search form and hit the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard.
  3. Click on the ‘Activate’ button to use your new theme right away.

Definitely did not find using their suggested approach.


Yes but- everything is still dynamic as it’s still powered by the WP engine/database. So a dynamic site can be built with just Hello and E. If you’d like to add functions beyond what E offers then yes - plugins… or E extensions (ie they’re built into the E WYSIWYG editor).


As @Webdeersign said its on Git Hub follow his link


Done. Downloaded, re-zipped, uploaded to WP. I like the minimalist approach so I can just play with Elementor and I’m not working “around” a theme.


So I followed this great video - and and 5 minutes later I have a local Wordpress installed and install the Elementor plugin. All very straight forward and Elementor is working and ready for use.

Without a blank theme you have to put up with a theme - yuk, but ok I think for evaluation. So far quite painless.


Yes (but just use Hello?), 2 themes are particularly powerful and designed for e. What makes them special is they are modular ie you dont have to load in all the elements, scripts etc that come with said themes. 2 are Ocean WP and Astra.


This is awesome too ;-0 I have this built into all my sites,


Actually I dont much about the free version of it. But also worth noting with the pro version you can just select canvas mode so no theme is used at all just E. You can then design a header and footer in the templates sections and bring them in. Done.


Okay everyone’s talking about the pros with these various ways of using WP. What’s the cons? I’ve found my groove with RW and Tavs excellent stacks and Joes as well. I’m frustrated with load times with the content I use, I like it be showy and that obviously adds weight.

What makes WP with Elementor or the others mentioned better and what makes them worse?


There’s tons of reason why its better most mentioned above. There’s def a few things that annoy me too (I only use Elementor) - nothing major. I know WP can get hacked, plugins break pages YAWN but we all know this… with proper care this is still rare…


RapidWeaver vs WordPress.
It’s not a matter of either or, better or worse, it’s about using the best tool for the job in hand. As @Justin says, both have well-documented pros and cons, but at the end of the day it’s the scale and scope of the client’s website (and their individual needs) that determines the platform you choose.

It’s not the size of your tool that counts…
It’s the fit. While Rapidweaver’s perfect for smaller, less dynamic sites, WordPress is often the better option for larger, more dynamic sites that need a CMS and access to the more advanced kind of plugins that are not available in the RapidWeaver ecosystem.

It may be a pain but it’s never been easier.
If you’re a webdesigner and want to stay relevant then you can’t afford to keep all your eggs in one basket and ignore one of the best tools for the job. Teach yourself WordPress. It may be a pain but it’s never been easier. Once you’ve learned the basics you can offer it as an option to your clients… and then learn on the job.


rw4all - Rapidweaver Wordpress 4 all?


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