Any Elementor users in the house?


Very nice looking site!

Here’s what I have so far:
The coming soon page is just one of the Elementor (or Envato maybe?) templates but that’s on my home page now:

Thanks for the offer @mitchellm . If you got some links handy, happy to check them out.


SWEET! Keep at it mate ;-)


You may want to look at a faster server to run WP php. Testing from the US on Pingdom Tools gave the following. (When I tried to load the page in the UK it took just over 18sec.)

The page content is not big, all the time comes from server wait, presumably while the php runs.




Here’s a Elementor Finder video:

This feature was added in December 2018. Only the first 4.5 minutes are relevant (unless you also want to learn about some other features)
Shortcut for Finder: Command-E

A text version of this support can be found at:


Here’s a video on the Navigator:

This feature was added in August 2018. It is a feature that will be almost as useful as using the finder. If you want a text, plus short video, overview of the Navigator then also visit this page:


Def something up here - I use GoDaddy, not perfect but it’s okay. I have the same page up and it’s loads fine. Failing that, there’s some really good plugins that will speed up a WordPress site (some designed to even make the Google speed test happy!!) - just make sure it’s E friendly. If you haven’t already, recommend you join some E forums over on Facebook and demo the link there and ask for recommendations - cheers




Thanks, looks like I had a couple of server options unchecked that I thought were checked. Some more tweaks to do but it’s back up to a passable score of 82 now


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I am a customer and I can thoroughly recommend Richard & co.


Many thanks, we love happy customers and appreciate the comments :)


Cool - what affects would this have on U.S based websites in-terms of speed?


Should still be fast, but I can setup a demo if you want to test anything :)


This is why I am giving Elementor a serious look, apologies if I offend anyone:


In your RapidWeaver monopod image I would say that OSX problems migrating over are not the real issue, because any OS issues can potentially cause issues on all platforms. The real problem here though, is RM’s inability to fix these issues and to also take on new OS features such as Dark Mode that add nothing to the capability of RW but consume programming cycles that could otherwise be used enhancing RW. RW8 was released 6 months ago and it’s a Groundhog experience of new problems being introduced, just as it was with RW7 and RW6. These same OS features or OS changes are not causing month after month delays to other ongoing web development software. Blocs is a good example that just breezed through the Mojave thing with no delay in continued strong development and new features.

There is a complete dependency with RW on Stacks, which is created and maintained by 1 person, but that is also a great strength. Most software is the child of 1 developer and we only have to look at Apples technical decline, post Steve.

However, I would argue that RW + Stacks can remain a workable solution for RW users, by sticking with RW7.55 and Stacks 3.5 without hindering the ongoing use of add-on stacks and new stacks. Not sure if Stacks4 will work with RW7 but if so then that’s good. If Yourhead or RM disappear tomorrow, for those who own both, it will remain usable for the next 5 years or so, until a new OSX version kills it. On the other hand web based services can and often disappear overnight.

What your images don’t show though, is the additional HW requirement of a fast Mac, big ram and SSD needed to make RW more usable and less painful due to slow edit, preview, export performance. Other solutions don’t need a fast system and have very low performance requirements. Web site creation is just moving text around and shouldn’t need lots of performance.

And the other thing is the changing of incompatible file format such as the 3 non backward RW file formats introduced in the last 6 months. The 8.1 new file format change was not even mentioned by RM. That should probably go in your monopod image too.


Also not forget that Wordpress and it’s plugins aren’t free if you consider higher priced hosting, backup, support. Maybe Elementor is also only a 1 man show (I don’t know).


I suspect that Elementor is a 1 man show because they nearly always are. There may be a team that is local or remote, on the pay role or out sourced on demand, but it is so often 1 brain making the decisions and adding the magic. Overall this is usually a good thing IMHO.


It looks to be a team of about 41 folks. Obviously not all are developers. (But, then again, you don’t have developers who are also doubling to provide support.) See here:


If you look though, it has 2 co founders, and I bet one is the brains and the other is the money. However, although it’s encouraging to see what appears to be a well structured business, that is also a lot of overheads and that takes you into the acquisition danger area. This happened to the very capable Macaw web creation app that was bought up by the giant InVision. Macaw to all those who found salvation in what it could do are no longer interested in what InVision have done with it. The Macaw users even setup a very interesting forum called Cockatoos to help search for a new web creation app.


@Webdeersign Yes, all that seems fair enough. There’s advantages/disadvantages to both small and larger companies.


Reading about those problems with RW8 I’m glad I stuck with RW 7.5.5 until now. I learned from RW6 and RW7 that it’s often better to be a late adopter if you want to avoid those bugs.