Any stacks that let you have a chat bubble on corner?

I want people to visit the website and get a chat icon or a pop-up icon that let them chat with me via WhatsApp or Facebook? Or even iMessage or whatever service I can use to get their messages. Is that possible?

Facebook has a little chat widget that you can use. If you go to your Facebook Page settings and click on ‘Messenger’ there’s an option to add it. You’ll just add a piece of code to the ‘body’ section in Rapidweaver. I haven’t done it personally but it looks pretty straightforward

Anything more open? just FB is kind of limited for me. I need a better solution.

Have you checked out Disqus? There is a basic (free) version. Engage Your Audience

Drawback is that it prompts users to sign up, but it isn’t mandatory.

I am familiar with both suggestions. What I need is something like this: Image 05-23-2022 19 59

This example is better: Image 05-23-2022 20 01

Scroll down, and you also see this widget active.

HubSpot offer a free one

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I don’t know if the stack I’m looking for is no longer available or this third party monthly subscriptions alternatives are the only way to go, but I remember that long time ago a friend was using a stack with a floating speech bubble that let you even use whatsapp with it! It seems I need to keep searching…

I think I found it: Messenger 2 | My Website

Great, it occurs to me that I could install it on my friend’s site.
Do you know if it needs PHP? (I can’t figure out if php is required).
Because my friend has a static site.

Be careful, this page hasn’t been updated since 2020 and there’s no live demo, so you are taking a chance as to whether it works - or not. All sm companies change their rules on allowing external sites to use their api.

Not only that, but Yuzool do not have a very good rep for support.

Have you tried tawkto - an open source solution? 100% Free Live Chat Software for your Website –


Nailed it! Thanks

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Yes, I also recommend! :)

+1 for

Using it right now!!! It is amazing!