Anyone know anything about TNW Deals?

The following showed up in my Google News Feed this morning: "SEO Still Leaves Most Marketers Puzzled. With This $30 Training Package, you Won’t be. The link to the training package is: I’m pretty good with SEO, but there’s always room for improvement - and $30 is pretty cheap. Thoughts?

The Ad sounds like it was written by a Clickbait poster. Please tell me if I’m wrong ;)

Really? Surely to god in this day and age it doesn’t?

That businesses are still getting on like SEO is some dark art just tells me that these businesses are living in the past!

I just did a google search for ”seo training” and they didn’t show up. That should tell you how good they are at SEO.

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Haha - LOVE that! (and, no, I did not spend any money with them - my medical sites all do very, very, very well).

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