Anyone remember the Arcade Fire - The Wilderness Downtown web site?

Something reminded me of that groundbreaking video/web site that was created for Arcade Fire back in 2010. A quick search revealed that it is still working in Chrome with Pop Ups enabled (why wouldn’t they be enabled back in 2010). Also remember that this when most people had not seen Google Maps Streetview.

For anyone who is not familiar with it - . You can put a full address in the search bar, such as your home address, but make sure you watch it through to the end. Don’t forget use Chrome with Pop Ups enabled and turn it up loud.

There is some background info at

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Very strange indeed — I entered my one-time address – a 70-year-old house in the suburbs of Brum and was informed that not enough data was found.
I entered my current address — a house that I built just four years ago — and was whisked away to that address…

The instruction says to enter your city, so I think it is a bonus if it finds your home from the address but I remember back in 2010 it certainly found mine.