Appointment Booking System

Just after a relatively simple way to manage booking of appointments. Stack-wise I only know of Yuzool’s Booking Stack. It almost does what I need but I really need calendar integration. Preferably the end-user would choose a block of time via a calendar, but more importantly, I need the appointments to automatically populate admin’s iCal.

And Name/Email/Phone/Consultation Method/Notes fields.


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There’s obviously a few out there, starts to get confusing wading through them all:

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I may have a solution, it’s a script I’ve had customised a lot, and also had an iCal feed built in.

What exactly do you need to do?

Thanks @steveb I’ll get back to you tomorrow. My brain is cooked for tonight!

You can get Google Calendar for example to import the CSV Booking creates on the server to be imported (imports the URL) and that should update the admin’s calendar.

Some users then embed this on their Booking sites to show pre-bookings in a calendar format on their sites.

That said, having a fully integrated calendar would be cool :)


Hi @steveb, I’ve attached a pic. Pretty simple really. I do like the idea of being able to select a block of time from a calendar rather than a date picker thing.

The most important thing to me would be seamless integration with the administrator’s calendar, so an appointment appears there with minimum of fuss. Looking at Yuzool’s suggestion of pointing Google Calendar to an URL.

Also SMS reminders was a request, I can only see this for subscription web solutions. There’s a lot of those services available, can be hard to wade through to find the best option.


Thanks @yuzoolthemes. So to be clear: Google Calendar is OK with a .csv instead of an .ics?

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I really don’t know what you’re after, not just from a picture. I have a script that handles appointment bookings and schedules. It’s been customised to output an iCal feed and accept Stripe payments. You add your staff and services, work time and available slots to it, then it allows people to book said slots. It handles payments, confirmations, reminders, dairies, the lot. All the data can be viewed in any calendar that can read an iCal feed.


Yes – that sounds like it. My pic just shows the info I need to collect. It’s for one staff member, who will have a particular set of available slots on a weekly basis for booking appointments. Payments, confirmations, reminders etc all sounds good. As does calendar integration.

OK, it might work for you then.

Here is my page with full details and prices. I can do something on the price for you, so you can sell it thru and make a bit yourself.


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Thanks for showing me this. It looks great but I’m trying to avoid subscription services at this stage. It’s not a high budget project…

I have confirmed Google Calendar supports .csv as you said, sorry. But just trying to get clear on how Booking Stack integrates. Do I have to go into the admin console, export .csv, and import into Google Calendar? Or can I just point Google Calendar to an URL where the .csv is stored? I haven’t got this to work because I suspect I need some sort of syncing between Sheets & Calendar for this to work.

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Fair enough. Depending on the complexity you need/want though, there is no native RW solution, pretty much all the native RW options I’ve ever seen are really just glorified contact forms, which if they do what you want, happy days.

The only way to go sub free is to buy a script from one of the usual suspects. I tend to favour PHPJabber, but only because I’ve got to know them now, so “understand” how their stuff works from the off and know their customer service is good. Plus they are pretty reasonable when it comes to modding. That booking system uses their Appointment Scheduler, which costs about £100 up front, then cost me an additional £2-300 (can’t recall precisely) to have it customised to exactly what I wanted.

Seems a lot, but still cheap compared to getting something made bespoke.

Thanks for your input @steveb , appreciated.

Yes point the Google Sheets to the CSV - there you can load it. But it might not auto-refresh. You may need to reload it each time. It’s a bit of a pain.

Then use a convertor to get it from Google Sheets into the calendar. This part was tricky. I set up a custom Macro but others have done it with things like IFTTT or Zapier etc.

The best way would be a direct syncing but didn’t release this as adding the macro would be too difficult for most users so decided to move away from it … 😒

Right you are. My issue was pointing Google Calendar to the .csv URL, instead of pointing Google Sheets there. I’ve seen the syncing options between Sheets and Calendar.

SO, can you make Booking Stack export iCal format as well, which can be directly accessed by Google Calendar via URL, and bypassing Sheets altogether?

Not at the moment but added it to my “to-do” list for a future update 😀
Not sure when but will bear it in mind when next updating!