Aptenon - JS Error - RapidCart Pro Failure

PLEASE HELP! Rental Gallery has gone down!

I am using RW8 and the Aptenon 3.0 theme from seyDesign and RapidCart Pro 4.12.0.

I have been using RapidCart Pro for about 6 months but it just stopped working. No reason! After a LOT of work and headaches, it appears the issue is related to a JS error that prevents the correct jQuery loading which is required by RapidCart Pro to work.

I have an online store which shows up with the image correctly on the store page. If you click on the ‘view product’, you get to the description page, which correctly shows the TITLE and description of the product and the thumbnails of the images, but NOT the larger image above the thumbnails .

Additionally, ALL functionality is disabled. If you click ‘add to cart’, nothing happens.

The resources are remote as they always have been. and link to resources in RW and also changed them to ‘remote’ and link to the image that was uploaded to the site. The links seem to be correct (as the image displays ok if you click in the empty space), but nothing makes any difference to whether the larger image is displayed above the thumbnails.

The larger image DOES appear in RW in preview mode. Just not on the page once it is published!

Please help. I can’t tell what I’m doing wrong. The online gallery has been working for several months and I have done nothing but add new inventory items! I’d appreciate simple explanations if they exist!

Here’s a link to the online store: http://www.bayouhaven.com/Extras/Extras/Rental_Gallery.php?catalog/all/-/date/1

I was using an old version of Aptenon (1.x) and thought this was the problem. However, I purchased the latest (3.0) version tonight and installed it. But NO change!

Our store is down and we have to get it up again for our upcoming weddings! Thanks in advance and I appreciate ANY help! Even if it’s just hints. I’m lost!


First off, have you tried changing the theme?

Hi Sam,

It is extremely rare for things to just “stop working” by themselves at random. Reviewing this case, I would still be of the opinion that something changed - perhaps an automatic update for an addon - which you might not have immediately recognised as causing a problem.

Updating the theme to the latest version was definitely a wise move to make. Previous versions of the theme (developed by someone else) were close to a decade old and lacked a lot of features and coding best-practices that modern RapidWeaver themes need. You stand a much better chance of getting things to work in Aptenon 3.

The larger image DOES appear in RW in preview mode. Just not on the page once it is published!

That’s the single sentence that stands out the most to me in this discussion so far.

Normally what you see in RapidWeaver Preview should be an exact 100% mirror of what is published online.

The error I am seeing on your website right now suggests that a version of jQuery 2 (required by UI-Kit, a component of RapidCart Pro) is undefined. So the lightbox and some other functionality required by RapidCart Pro is not loading.

The Aptenon theme is using jQuery 3 - a newer version than what RapidCart Pro uses. However our jQuery is name-spaced and runs inside its own ‘ThemeFlood’ closure, so I don’t envisage there should be a conflict. Again - especially if things are working perfectly for you within RapidWeaver preview.

To expedite this support case, I would first suggest that you scrutinise your publishing settings in RapidWeaver. Make certain the base URL for the website is correct and you are publishing the website to the correct location.

Next, go to the RapidWeaver menu and do a full republish of the website. It will take a long time, but this action will force a complete re-upload of everything to the hosting server.

If problems persist, I welcome you to send me the project file via Dropbox or another free file sharing service. Send it as a .zip attachment. I have messaged you an email address to use.

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