Aptenon - Version 3 has destroyed my CSS :(

I’m wondering if someone can help me with some simple things that are broken when I just upgraded from Aptenon version 1.x to version 3.0. I was excited to move to the new version but all of my styles and coding are broken. I have so many things to fix but maybe I can start with the biggest issues.

I worked for over 8 months to tweak my site to present just perfectly but now it’s broken.

Issue #1: It has been two years so I’m not sure how I did it, but I moved the navigation menu bar ABOVE the banner area. See this page to see how it was: http://www.bayouhaven.com/

If you look at a new page (see here: http://www.bayouhaven.com/Privacy/Privacy.php

Can someone help me remember or show me how to move the menu bar back above the photo banner header? I would really appreciate the help!

Thank you.

Aptenon 1 was close to being a decade old. Aptenon 3 is the newest version and large parts of the underlying source code have been modified. So it stands to reason that some CSS is non-transferable between the theme versions. Almost every aspect of the theme was re-written in version 3 about two years ago.

I am not seeing any options in the theme to change the positioning of the navigation bar. So this was either a feature the previous developer removed in version 2 or an unofficial modification you were doing. I did try to carry-over all the functionality from version 2, into version 3.

The navigation bar in this theme is more complicated - compared with other themes. Because it uses Javascript to ‘fix’ the navigation bar to the top of the page, as you scroll the page down.

Like a lot of theme modifications, I’m sure it probably would be possible to put the navigation bar at the top of the page. It would either have to be done as some custom CSS or you would have to propose it as a feature request for an updated theme.

You might as well list all the other things that are “destroyed” for you so we can fix them in a single session or add them as theme features.