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Does anyone know how to prevent the date showing in posts? I am assuming it needs to be a piece of CSS for the Custom Styles in Settings.


/* hide blog date */
.blog-entry-date { display: none !important;}

@Multithemes Thanks for that but sadly it doesn’t work.

@NimbleHost Do maybe have an answer to this?

Post a link so we can see what you are dealing with. Without seeing the code it would be next to impossible to give you a solution.

Here’s a link to the page:

Also it seems impossible to contact Nimblehost using the contact form as the captcha code seems to be broken.

You are missing the closing brace from the .blog-entry-body > hr line in this CSS code. It’s causing all of the rules that follow to not be interpreted correctly. Fixing that will allow the code @Multithemes provided to work correctly.

/* The following code is user-submitted custom css entered through the web interface. */
.blog-entry-title a { font-size: 35px; font-style: italic; color:#1E688D; }
.blog-entry-date { font-size: 12px; Color:#638087; font-style: italic; }
.blog-entry-date { padding: 10px 0px 15px 0px; }
.blog-entry-author { font-size: 20px; color:#007899; font-style: italic; }
.blog-entry-body > hr { border: 0; border-top-width: 1px; border-top-style: dashed; border-top-color:#93A720;

Thank you so much for spotting that - it now works fine.

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Thanks @DLH

@Pixelart …maybe !important is not necessary, just try .blog-entry-date { display: none;}

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Thank you all for your help it is much appreciated.

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Sorry for the delay, thanks for the info re: the captcha form, I’ll get that fixed as soon as I can.


Great news that Armadillo is still being developed. I have several active Armadillo bogs and they have been utterly reliable and have been perfect publish and forget blogs, that just keep working. I reckon I have used or tried out all of the Stacks blog solutions over the years, and none are as easy to set up and maintain as Armadillo.

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@NimbleHost Are there unique classes within Armadillo that could be used to target the initial list posts and the full details of the post?

Essientially I was hoping to display the blog list in a CSS Grid and style the 2 views.

@Webdeersign There is a universal armadillo-content class added to all Armadillo content, which can (and was intended to) be used in this fashion.


Hi Jonathan, I’ve tried to contact you in order to find my order details in order that I can update my version of Armadillo. What’s the best way to do this as I think my last email may have gone to spam or not got through.



Hi Barrie, you can retrieve order details here: lookup - or you can email the support address, which is just the word “support” at the domain. My apologies if your prior requests have slipped through the cracks.