Armadillo Cannot install problem

I purchased Armadillo at
But installation 404 error

For the past two weeks I have been trying to contact you via

If you can see this message please provide a new email

If you can describe what you have done in detail and provide a URL we may be able to help you.

My php version meets the installation requirements
Tested the mysql connection was successful
install.php will automatically jump to / setup / error 404

Have you tried a “republish all files”?

My first observation is that you have a very old version of php - 5.4. I would be surprised if that would work and suggest an php update to 5.6 or 7. I know that Armadillo used to work fine on 5.6.

Hi @stark, I’ve replied to your support ticket. Please reply to that message with any additional details so I can assist further.



I upgraded to version 7.2 and still got the same error

Try multiple times

Did you create a SQL database? Setup the credentials within the Armadillo stacks to match your SQL database?

@Webdeersign asked about the installation details? What steps did take?