Armadillo PHP 7.4 or above errors, anybody else? SOLVED


I noticed my version in the Stacks library was version 8.9.4. When looking on Nimblehost website it said current version is 8.9.8, Stacks update wasn’t picking it up for an update, I went to Nimblehost to retrieve registration serial, filled that in, got email with my serial number again with download link to the stack, which of course was 8.9.8. Installed and all good. It would appear my version was a few years old and not receiving updates, but this way managed to solve it.

Hi there Stackers, I’ve got a few Armadillo blogs in use on sites. Just put a new one in on a PHP8 server and it wouldn’t install. After a bit of head scratching tried putting PHP to 7.3 and all great and ok. However If I use PHP 7.4, 8 or 8.1 I lose the ability to install and on one that is installed adding or updating posts results in Slim Application Error -

Code: 8192
Message: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated
File: /home/thedomainname/public_html/rw_common/plugins/stacks/armadillo/Slim/Http/Util.php
Line: 56

Problem is I have stacks on sites that require PHP 7.4 and above, but if I use them on PHP 7.4 or above then Armadillo won’t work. Anybody else experienced this, does anybody know if I can do something myself to workaround this such as changing permissions etc.

I’ve attached two screenshots, the error message I get and also the different permissions/features I can select for PHP 8.

I’ve sent an email to Nimblehost, but not sure if Armadillo is still in the making anymore, Armadillo has been quiet for a while, hope it is still going as it’s great.

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I think you are well snookered there with the 3 php min max version requirements.

Armadillo was and still is a super blog/cms system when you can meet the php requirements, but it has been around a long time and things change.

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Yeah, you are bob on there, I’ll see if I hear back from Nimblehost, whether or not it’s likely to be updated, if not I’ll have to find an alternative, it is great because you can use it again and again on small low-earning sites and is foolproof for the end user that can’t grasp markdown etc.

@NimbleHost was working on a new version, unfortunately it has been quite a while since we read some updates.

Great news. Good old Jonathen at Nimblehost.

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I have version 2.9.8. It seems to update just fine for me in Stacks.

Strange that mine didn’t update or ever show up in the updates from 8.9.4, I always update any stacks that appear. Might have been an 8.9.4 issue or a RW update issue. That’s why I presumed it was no longer in development as not updated since roughly 2018, when clearly updates have been pushed out.

I released Armadillo v2.9.9 in the middle of November 2022, which improves support for PHP 8 and 8.1. Are you all not seeing the update in Stacks? I’ll have to troubleshoot that as time permits. Please have anyone seeing such issues contact me so I can send them the latest version. I’ll also send out an email to all NimbleHost/Armadillo customers so they know about the latest version.

Appreciate your continued use and support of Armadillo!




The latest update I’m seeing is 2.9.8
If there is a 2.9.9 then it’s not triggered (for me) by the regular updating process within Stacks.

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2.9.8 here too. Nothing on the updater.

Hi Jonathan, I ensured I put solved in the title and an introductory update so as not to put people off Armadillo if reading the post in the future thinking it doesn’t support above PHP 7.3 (if I had left the post as it originally was), it’s a real workhorse is Armadillo and has been great solution and look forward to continued development. I guess it is a good thing it has highlighted the updater issue, whatever the reason behind it is, I could imagine it could give the impression to yourself that people are not updating and give a false impression that people are no longer using it, when in reality it is going strong and people love it.



I also got Armadillo, but I do not get any updates also. Moreover, when I try to get my orders through your website, I only get another stack I must have purchased from you. I might have purchased it through another email address though.

The download provided by Cartloom is also 2.9.8

@NimbleHost might have made a typo (2.9.9 instead of 2.9.8) but since he mentioned November 2022, I’m guessing it’s not a typo. Hopefully 2.9.9 will show up in a day or two or three.

The change log on the website indeed mentions v2.9.9 released in November.

Just adding to others that I also have 2.9.8.

Neither Stacks updater or Cartloom give an option to get 2.9.9.

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@NimbleHost did you find why the latest update isn’t pushed?

Hi, did anyone get the 2.9.9 update from @NimbleHost ? I never got a reply from Jonathan.


Just tagging on to here that I am/was getting the Slim error (but different from the magic quotes one) on Dreamhost with any php above 7.4. I’ve had to keep my php at 7.4 for now until either something with Armadillo changes or I’ll have to look at another CMS option.

Apologies, this slipped past my radar. I still have to troubleshoot why the update doesn’t appear in Stacks.